Joseph Jarman
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Buddhist Practice


As a Leader/Co-leader

2004: "Poem Song" 
2002: "Live at the Vision Festival," Lifetime Visions Orchestra 
1998: "Pachinko Dream Track 10" 
1997: "Out of the Mist" w/LeRoy Jenkins 
1996: "Connecting Spirits" w/ Marilyn Crispell 
1979:"Sun Bound" 
1968:"As If It Were the Seasons" 
1967:"Song For"

Art Ensemble of Chicago [partial list]

2007:"Fundamental Destiny," Live at the Frankfurt, Germany Jazz Festival, w/ Don Pullen 
2004:"The New Traditionalists," w/ Don Cherry 
2003:"Hail We Now Sing Joy" 
"Non-cognitive Aspects of the City,Live at Iridium" 
2002:"Rarum 6, Selected Recodings" 
1992:"Thelonius Sphere Monk: Dreaming of the Masters, Vol. 2, w/ Cecil Taylor 
1990:"Live at the Eighth Tokyo Music Joy" 
"Dreaming of the Masters Suite" 
1989:"Art Ensemble of Soweto" 
1987:"Ancient to the Future" 
1984:"The Third Decade" 
"Among the People" 
"Complete Live in Japan, Vol. 1-2" 
1980:"Live in Milano" 
"Full Force" 
1979:"Live in Berlin" 
1978:"Nice Guys" 
1974:"Kabalaba: Live at Montreux" 
1973:"Fanfare for the Warriors" 
"Live at Mandel Hall" 
1970:"Message to Our Folks" 
"Reese and the Smooth Ones" 
"Certain Blacks" 
"Art Ensemble of Chicago with Fontella Bass" 
"Phase One" 
"Les Stances a Sophie" 
"Live, Part One" 
1969:"A Jackson in Your House" 
"People in Sorrow" 
"Eda Wabu"

"I try to allow the art, the music, to flow through me because it comes from another source other than what I call me or I. If I must think of it as having meaning it means that the love and beauty of being is the thing I must sing about."- 1966

With Lester Bowie

1968:"Numbers One and Two"

With Roscoe Mitchell


With Famoudou Don Moye

1992:"Calypso's Smile" 
1991:"Earth Passage-Density" 
1980:"Black Paladins," w/ Johnny Dyani 
1979:"Magic Triangle" 
1978:"Egwu Anwu"

With Anthony Braxton

1971:"Together Alone" 
1977:"Double Trio"

Equal Interest

1999:"Equal Interest"

With Frank Lowe

1973:"Black Beings"

With Chris Chalfant

2002:"Love & Light"

Other Collaborations

1998:"Bright Moments" w/Kalaparusha Maurice McIntyre, Kahil El'Zabar, Malachi Favors & Steve Colson 
1970:"Gittin' to Know Y'all," with Baden-Baden Free Orchestra


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